The Best Way to Get a Passport in Chicago

As of this year, 2018 Chicago Passport Fees have changed. Please note that the acceptance agent fee $35.


Passport for you knows the fastest ways to get a passport in your area. So how do you know which way is the best way for you? We will explain all the best ways to get a passport rushed or your passport expedited here. The types of passport you can get expedited are:

A New Passport Expedited in Chicago

Renewal Passport Expedited in Chicago

Child Passport Expedited in Chicago

Lost or Stolen Passport Expedited in Chicago

Name Change Passport Expedited in Chicago

The Best Way to Get a Passport

The best way to get a passport will differ from person to person. If you are looking for the cheapest way to get a passport, the process is different than if you want to get your passport fast. Price and processing times go hand in hand for passport applications. Applying for a U.S. Passport is a big step in any citizen and traveler’s life. It can also be a complicated procedure. Because it is a federal government process, it is critical that the steps to apply for a passport are followed closely and taken seriously. Any errors on your application can delay your application.


The Cheapest Way to Get a Passport

Routine processing is the most economical way to apply for a U.S. passport. Processing times are between 4-6 weeks. The entire process can be completed at your local acceptance agent, which is usually the post office. Adult passports start at $110 for the government fee, plus $35 to the acceptance agent. Minor passports are $80 for the government fee plus the $35 to the acceptance agent.

The Fastest Way to Get a Passport in Chicago

Expedited passport processing is the best option if you need to get your passport fast. You will need to have Proof of Travel Plans in order to expedite your passport. Passports can be received in two weeks or less through our service, even as fast as 24 hours. We can different processing times based on different prices. We can expedite your passport however fast you need it. If you have questions about whether you qualify for an expedited passport, please give us a call and we can help you determine which option is best for you.

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